6 x 45 min

The aliens landed in the UK forty years ago. Though they look and behave exactly like us, these days they are forced to live a segregated life in a walled ghetto called Troy. It’s a hedonistic and ramshackle town, unpoliced and filled with gangs who make a living smuggling alien hair out of Troy to be smoked as a drug by humans. Lewis is a border guard who mans the checkpoint between Troy and the human side of the wall and, like the rest of his human peers, regards the aliens as second class citizens. But the discovery that he’s half-alien will kick-start a wild and riotous journey that may cause him to question his loyalties.

The series started on Tuesday 8th March at 9pm on E4.


Written by - Fintan Ryan.

Starring - Michael Socha, Michaela Coel, Jim Howick, Michael Smiley, Ashley Walters, Trystan Gravelle, Chanel Cresswell, Holli Dempsey, Shaun Parkes.

Directed by - Jonathan Van Tulleken and Lawrence Gough.

Produced by - Charlie Leech.

Executive Producers - Murray Ferguson, Petra Fried and Matt Jarvis.