Running Time: 120 min

Investigative journalist Jack Parlabane is struggling with the hangover from hell when he stumbles upon the aftermath of a murder in the flat downstairs: a bizarrely mutilated doctor, killed in what looks like a burglary gone wrong. Not a great start to the morning, and it soon gets worse. Before he can even put his trousers on, Paralabane’s the prime suspect, being interrogated by the police and trailed by the real, but hopeless, hitman Darren Mortlake. And he hasn’t even met the deadly landlady Mrs Kinross yet….or her loveable but doomed dog Tyson.

This adaptation of Christopher Brookmyre’s award winning novel is a wickedly funny black comedy, starring some of the UK’s biggest acting talent.


Written by - Stuart Hepburn.

Starring - James Nesbitt, Eddie Marsan, Annette Crosbie, Daniela Nardini and Mark Benton.

Directed by - Sam Miller.

Produced by - Murray Ferguson.

A Clerkenwell Films Production for ITV1.


Fargo meets Shallow Grave in this yarn about an Edinburgh contract killing gone wrong…and the big guns of ITV’s new season weekend finally score a highly entertaining bull’s eye.
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