“This is a sensitive, realistic and often very funny take on a modern man’s search for love”

SCROTAL RECALL (The Telegraph)

“This is shaping up to be one of the warmest, smartest and funniest, C4 comedies in years, pegged to a daring STD-based framing device.“


“A genuinely charming comedy series”

SCROTAL RECALL (The Sunday Times)

“A British horror comedy to rival Shaun of the Dead… Overman’s script sparkled from the off. Misfits blazed onto the screen with such a terrific sense of humour, self-confidence and brio.”

MISFITS (Daily Telegraph)

“Brilliant: Sharp, Funny, Dark and, in places, Quite Chilling.”

MISFITS (The Guardian)

“Drama of the Year… utterly authentic.”

MISFITS (The Independent)

“MISFITS is the most brilliantly aimed teen gang adventure there may ever have been on TV.”

MISFITS (Evening Standard)

“E4’s Amazing New Drama.”


“Fresh and Original.”


“Rupert Penry-Jones is excellent as the jilted naval officer Captain Wentworth, while Julia Davies and Anthony Head offer wonderfully catty and supercilious support, but Sally Hawkins is simply stunning. She brings Austen’s least characteristic heroine to full, frustrated life, her relationship with Wentworth shifting from desperate melancholy to barely suppressed sexuality in a manner which the novelist would surely have appreciated.”


“Lesley Sharp returns with yet another masterly, understated performance as troubled psychic Alison in a second series of this hugely enjoyable, eerie thriller.”

AFTERLIFE (The Radio Times)

“A new series of the supernatural thriller with an award-winning performance from Lesley Sharp as the medium plagued by spirits, whose gift is like an inconvenient stigmata that refuses to go away. It is a wonderful performance – compassionate, vulnerable, frightened, resigned and defensive.”


“Lovingly observed adaptation of George and Weedon Grossmith’s satire on suburbia – which captures the delusional Pooter in all his foolish, insufferable glory. Beautifully played by Hugh Bonneville.”

DIARY OF A NOBODY (Daily Telegraph)

“Taut and Exciting.”

PARADOX (Radio Times)

“Slick, high concept thriller.”

PARADOX (Daily Mail)

“Fargo meets Shallow Grave in this yarn about an Edinburgh contract killing gone wrong…and the big guns of ITV’s new season weekend finally score a highly entertaining bull’s eye.”


“Martin Clunes is quietly excellent as Phil… Losing It is an engaging, humorous and warm hearted exploration of what can happen to a life when it’s interrupted by a dreadful illness. Clunes is just so good you never feel manipulated or ambushed by sentimentality.”

LOSING IT (The Radio Times)

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